Mission Cousin

Team Cousin

Raven and Zora are on a mission to unite all of the cousins of the world!

Ridiculous Fun!

Join us for the kind of fun you can only have with your favorite cousins.

Like, seriously...

Where else can you go to find super cool merch, free downloads and incredibly crazy cousins?


We're like your personal team of cheerleaders and bodyguards. We've got your back!

Join the Craze

Cousin Craze is a lifestyle brand created by two super fun cousins with creative ideas & big dreams. If you follow our YouTube Channel and Backyard Shenanigans Blog, you'll love our online store!

Fun Fact

Where a family has 2-3 children, you would have 190 third cousins, 940 fourth cousins and a whopping 4,700 fifth cousins. ~ 23andMe

Meet the Founders

Raven and Zora are cousins who live in different cities but love to video chat, plan sleepovers and get together when school is out. They enjoy being cousins so much that they decided to create a business that celebrates cousins & family.