Top 5 Cousin Activities

Top 5 Cousin Activities

Top 5 Cousin Activities

We all love our cousins but if you are like us, you (sadly) don’t live near them. Yet, when you do get together, it is SUPER FUN!

Here are our 5 favorite things to do with our cousins when we get together.

An EPIC Sleepover Party (...did I say EPIC?)

Planning a sleepover may sound easy but you have to have all of the right things to make it an EPIC one.

For one, you need to have some super fun activities planned or everyone will get bored and start using their phones or making a mess. At our cousin sleepovers, we love to have fashion shows. We also love to binge watch great tv series on Netflix and listen to fun music.

Next, you have to stock up on an endless amount of snacks. Not just any snacks but good ones like chips, cheez-its, pretzels, graham cracker, marshmallows and chocolate (to make smores) and lots and lots of candy!

Be sure to create the perfect tent for sleeping, filled with lights, sleeping bags, pillows, blankets, and food.

Pull Hilarious Pranks on the Other Cousins (not too mean)

In our family, we love pranks. Not mean pranks that make other people feel bad or ones that are dangerous but funny pranks that we laugh about every time we get together.

One of the best pranks we’ve pulled was when we cold poured water on another sleeping cousin. She jumped up out of her sleep so confused. She was screaming and looking around like she didn’t know where she was. It was so funny that even she started laughing!

Work on Cousin Craze Projects (it makes us feel like adults)

Running a business is not easy! It can be fun but it’s a lot of work. We love to work on our YouTube videos, our website and create new ideas for merchandise when we get together.

When we are together, we try and strategize and stay focused. We usually end up getting a lot of work done but sometimes our silliness gets the best of us.

Dance Together (no matter how crazy we look)

I have to admit, my brother August is probably the best dancer in the family out of everyone. And I mean EVERYONE. Put on some Michael Jackson (any song) and he’s poppin’ and lockin’. He’s got some serious moves.

But we all love to dance. I am probably the worst dancer, but as soon as we turn on “Just Dance” on the Wii, it is a full-out dance party!

Improve our Handstands (we’ll get better eventually… right?)

So, we’ve had to learn the hard way that handstands are only fun when you actually know how to do them.

But the more you practice the better you get! We usually help each other by holding the other person’s legs up and put pillow below for the fall. Raven is really good at handstands but she’s super tall so when she falls, it’s like, “timberrrrr!” LOL!

Tell us about your favorite cousin activities in the comments.

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